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Our EMR solution is a feature rich Web-based practice management and clinical workflow system available as option of either a full service or ASP solution. With built-in workflow rules, user alerts and real-time reporting functionality; the system provides information to manage issues before they become full-blown problems. With our EMR solution, you will have a secure and seamless view of each patient from any Web-connected device.  Our system automates practice workflow with powerful management tools and vital information.

Save money on billing expenses by providing patients with a secure online service for appointments, prescription renewals, messages, and bill payment.Build a network of referring providers through a national database via a secure, web-based provider portal.

Federally qualified community health centers can access advanced health information technology systems — at a reduced cost — to enhance patient services and eliminate disparities in care.



Our EMR system is a web-based application fully integrated with all the operational functions of the practice. Pulling charts, approving refill requests, and signing lab results are just a click away. This simplicity strengthens the patient physician experience, improves quality, and reduces costs. With our system you also get immediate connections to all of the labs, hospitals, and pharmacies in your area. All you pay is just a low monthly subscription fee and you are good to go without having to worry about IT fees or old technology

Manage workflow with ease and accountability

With our EMR system, your providers can introduce a new method of managing tasks that streamlines the work and provides them with comfort that there is accountability to address patient issues promptly. For example, our system receives faxed lab results so they cannot get lost, and prescription refill requests can be processed day or night. In addition, all clinical messages, from paper mail to dictated notes, are monitored, measured, and escalated if they need attention. Clinical managers will appreciate such easy controls, and caregivers will be receptive to the positive change in workflow.

Manage by exception

Most providers welcome clinical input but do not need “in your face” reminders. Our EMR system uses decision support to add value and improve the experience. Out-of-norm lab results are highlighted in red. Drug interaction and guidelines of care make critical information available to see or enter without adding documentation time. The system’s decision support goes beyond the experience with a specific patient. Practice-wide protocols monitor patient populations within a practice. Automated lists are generated to remind patients and providers where follow-up care may be appropriate. By working this process on an exception basis, our EMR solution can help achieve lower costs, greater revenue, and measurable quality.

No hidden costs

Application access is paid for via a predictable monthly subscription, which means you don’t have to invest resources in IT, hardware, or maintenance costs common to client-server setups. In addition, our EMR system is maintained and co-located at redundant HIPAA-compliant data centers.